One tool to find relevant keywords is Ubersuggest. You can use this tool for free to see the top five domains for a particular keyword.

Promoting a product

Before you can begin promoting a product, it’s important to understand the rules of affiliate marketing.

Each program has its own terms and conditions, and the links you use must adhere to those terms. In addition, you cannot run pay-per-click ads that use a company’s name.

Having a solid affiliate network is essential for an affiliate program to work. Affiliates need to feel comfortable working with a merchant so they can be more likely to make sales.

They also need to understand the rules that govern the use of their commissions. The more powerful the affiliate network is, the more likely it is to be successful.

Affiliate marketing campaigns can grow into more complex programs with more moving parts, but affiliate networks make this easier to manage.

Share A Sale is the biggest affiliate marketing network, and it gives merchants the tools they need to manage their affiliate programs.

It’s also important to make sure the products you choose are in line with the target audience of your site. 

Another popular network is Rakuten (formerly Linkshare), which represents many well-known merchants.

A good way to reach potential affiliates is to create a Facebook ad or use Google Adwords. You can target your audience by targeting their peer groups, and make sure to highlight any commissions you’ll receive for the sale.

Affiliate Opportunities

You can also find new affiliate opportunities in affiliate forums and social media groups. There are a number of experienced affiliate marketers who frequent these forums and post about different affiliate programs they’ve been a part of.


A good way to track the effectiveness of your marketing strategy is to track your click data. Click data is useful for tracking traffic and determining whether your affiliates are generating results. If your affiliates are getting a high percentage of clicks, it means they’re actively promoting your product. You can also create an email marketing campaign to reach out to your subscriber list.

personal connection

Affiliates who have a personal connection to a product or service can be more successful. Involved affiliates are more likely to be trusted and believe in the product they’re promoting. They also have more credibility and can make more claims about the product. This type of affiliate marketing requires more legwork and takes more time to build credibility, but it can lead to a higher payoff.

You can promote a product by writing blog posts or sharing video testimonials.

You can also create social media posts highlighting the benefits of a product.